At Zinserv Tech , we cater to multiple industries focusing on optimizing their web presence, enhancing sales and expansion. Our campaigns are always result driven and flexible as per the industry needs or the relative market/corporate demands.

Digital & Marketing Agencies:- At Zinserv Tech , we take care of Workflow Management application, Marketing and sales applications, Interactive websites, email and chatbot integration, Legacy migration and data saving applications and services and Analytic tools etc. all services are equipped with automatic and manual reporting capabilities.

Retail & Commerce:- With primary importance on content, speed, user ease, compatibility and user navigation, we design and customize any m-Commerce or e-Commerce platform as suited for the business. We code the app/site and are capable of making updates and changes at the shortest notice.

Publishing:- Suited for News agencies, Newspapers, Journals, informatics agencies and other media houses, our solutions are based on providing reliable solution pre and post publications. We employ the most advanced storage, relay and streaming services to keep our clients ahead in this highly competitive industry.

Banking & Finance:- We help you maximize ROI & manage your daily workflows. we provide strategic technology consultation and help you design, develop, implement and maintain most critical applications and services. most suitable for financial Services & Fintech Companies.

Healthcare:- We provide healthcare application development services namely Physician/Doctor managements apps, patient record keeping, healthcare and medicine information and ERP & CRMS etc.

Logistics & Transportation:- We help you develop and implement Cargo Management Systems, Freight Reservation Management applications, Logistics ERP Software, invoicing software and Shipment tracking services etc.

Automotive:- We offer various Automotive Industry Software Solutions like Dealer Management Systems, CRM and ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing Solutions etc.

Travel & Tourism:- At Zinserv Tech we are fully able to take care of all needs namely: Travel & Tourism tools & Software’s, Travel & Tour Operators (Information and Booking), Online Booking Apps (real time and future dates), Hotel deals portal, Taxi Rental Services, Website development of hotels, Bread and breakfast options etc.

Education & E-learning:- Our software caters to learners and educators alike, as We provide custom and platform-based LMS for end-to-end education process support. Our easy-to-use educations mobile apps, multichannel consumption and multi-level analytics tools helps institutions and classrooms answer their most complex and far fetched demands. We are able to provide the following services:

Online E-Learning Applications

Remote Learning Websites

Play & Learn Applications

SCORM / AICC Compliant Content management

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Education apps Development

Service based & Product Based Companies:- Zinserv Tech has delivered high-quality, state of the art and latest digital transformation and technology solutions / services for small and large scale businesses. We can help you enhance your sales, reach and service capabilities with various traditional marketing solutions and by employing innovative methods.

Packaged Applications (SCM / CRM / ERP)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Software Development and Maintenance

Product Development and Consulting Services

Manufacturing:- Our software solutions are aimed at increasing competitiveness and enhance performance. This always results in seamless application and experience by end-user(s) of our clients. We have successfully modeled and delivered various campaigns via the below mentioned solutions.

Manufacturing Process Management

(MPM)Enterprise Asset Management

(EAM)Legacy Migration Solutions

Supply Chain Management

(SCM)Application Design and Maintenance

Product Lifecycle Management

Media & Entertainment:- We have been involved in multiple gaming application development (single player, multiplayer and online), media applications creation and development, digital SCM, Salesforce automation, ERP /CRM solutions, and more specific to media and entertainment industry. some of our media centric solutions are:

Salesforce Automation Solutions

Dating apps

Workflow Management Applications

Video & Audio Streaming Apps

Full-Cycle ERP /CRM Solutions

Content Management Software

Legacy Migration Solutions